The Unseen Side of Success: It’s Not Just About the Results

Most people evaluate success from results. But my years in leadership have taught me a vital lesson: success isn’t only about results.

9 Practical Ways To Increase Generosity in Your Church

No matter how you slice it, money is a sensitive subject. So, I hope this “simple” list about cultivating generosity is helpful, encouraging, easily accessible, and therefore worth the risk.

Do You Suffer From a Poverty of Time?

We live in a day of overload and overcommitment. Because of that, some now speak of the poverty of time: our inability to stop, to slow down, to process, reflect and sabbath.

No Excuses: Spark Your Church To Live on Mission

Want to spark those you lead with a fire for the Gospel? First embrace this simple truth.

The Art of Pastoral Transition: Leading Through Successive Change

You’ve likely read about more than one church that experienced significant trouble during leadership transition due to lack of succession planning. What if you could take steps to avoid this kind of tragedy?

How To Encourage Church People To Make a Pastor’s Job Joyful

As a pastor for over 43 years, I’ve experienced the ups and downs ministry brings. However, I believe one thing makes a pastor's job most joyful. See if you agree.

Pastors, Let’s Raise up Men Together

As leaders of the church, we recognize that two issues—the destruction of the family unit, specifically in relation to absent fathers, and the aggregate decline in faith—are interrelated. So, how do we begin to fix this endemic issue?

Top Characteristics of a Good Shepherd

Good shepherds can say to their flocks, "Follow me as I follow Christ."

The Difference Between Joy and Happiness

We seek happiness even though joy is within reach. This is why we (especially pastors) need to know the difference between joy and happiness.

4 Critical Roles of Church Administration

Church administration is the place where the church demonstrates the gospel message and priorities. Church administration is where the church walks the walk in a way that supports the gospel talk.

What To Do if You Struggle With Making Decisions

Over the years, one of the biggest mistakes I’ve encountered with leaders is the inability to commit—or put another way, the inability to make a decision.

Have You Come To Know Jesus as Your Savior and Lord and Best Friend?

Biblical Christianity is fundamentally not simply a religion about Christ, but a relationship with Christ. If we get it right about Jesus, we can afford to get some minor things wrong. But if we get it wrong about Jesus, it won’t matter in the end what else we get right.

Pastors, Trust in the Providence of God

Pastor, are you trusting in the providence of God in your life and ministry? Providence is God’s guidance and protection in our lives and ministries.

The Ten Boom House: Trusting God’s Will

Horrified by the German onslaught against the Jewish people of her country, Corrie ten Boom (along with her family) began to hide within their home those most threatened by arrest.

The Most Overlooked Part of Funerals and Church Services

Nothing tells the tale on us more than the place we give to prayer, whether personally or in the worship services or at funerals or church services.Funeral prayer is one big example.

Prioritize Like a Pro: The One Question Every Leader Should Ask

While working with a leader, I asked him to list all the things he could do, wanted to do, felt he should do, and felt others expected him to do. That’s a pretty long list. Then I asked him to filter the list through one question.

The Goal of Spiritual Practices

Spiritual practices are the ways that we connect with God and relate to God. But spiritual practices also do something else; they are how we become more present to God, others, and ourselves.

Women As Image Bearers – God-Called and God-Gifted

When it comes to the value, dignity, significance, and uniqueness of the imprint of the image of God, men and women are equals.

Do We Understand Stewardship as God’s Ownership?

Whenever I am asked about the most basic principles of stewardship, my answer always begins with God’s ownership.

10 Ways I Attempt To Be a Leader of Leaders

I try to be a leader of leaders. I love, welcome, and appreciate followers. But as much as possible, I want to lead people who are going to lead.

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Actor Dennis Quaid told Pastor Greg Laurie that he has a personal relationship with Jesus, which is a “wonderful feeling,” but he is still learning what that relationship means. Quaid appeared at the annual Harvest Crusade in Anaheim, California, which took place on Saturday, July 20.

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Brad Hill joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to explain just how valuable a resource the internet can be for pastors and why digital ministry is not merely an on-ramp to get people into church.