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Generational Discipleship: It Starts With Connection

We have to start somewhere. Generational discipleship doesn’t just happen.

Children’s Ministry Christmas Lesson: A Very Special Gift

If you need a stand-alone children's ministry Christmas lesson, then unwrap "The Christmas Gift."

Christmas Message for Children’s Church: 5 Seasonal Illustrations

A Christmas message for children's church is a wonderful way to share the gospel's good news with kids and families.

Why ‘Train up a Child’ Is Not a Promise

One of the most quoted verses about raising children is Proverbs 22:6. It says this: “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it."

Dysfunctional Family: 5 Sneaky Traps To Avoid as Parents

Parents often make several common mistakes, even without realizing it. Discover if any of these dysfunctional family signs appear in your home.

Divorce & the Holidays: Ministering To Divorced Parents at Christmas

Divorce is difficult at Christmas. Read these five tips about ministering to divorced families during the holiday season.

Christmas Party Games: 15 Holiday Hits for After Children’s Church

Christmas party games add joy and laughter to kidmin gatherings. Use these 15 ideas after a children's church service or program.

What Christmas Is All About: Charlie Brown Shares the Season’s Meaning

What Christmas is all about plays a key role in the Peanuts classic "A Charlie Brown Christmas." How can we, like Linus, remember and share the true meaning of Christmas?

Jesus Heals the Lepers: KidMin Bible Lessons About Thanking God

After Jesus heals the lepers, only one returns to say thanks. Use these resources to teach children the importance of expressing gratitude to God.

Help Children Listen To God When Choosing Friends

It's important to help children listen to God, especially when they're choosing friends. Use this object lesson in your kids ministry!

DIY Christmas Decorations for Kids: 3 Ideas to Deck Your Halls

Need some creative, super-affordable DIY Christmas decorations for kids of all ages? These 3 ideas for children’s ministry spaces are amazing!

11 Indicators of Spiritual Growth in Children

It's easy to measure the physical growth of a child. All you need is a tape measure and a pencil. As children's ministry leaders, we should be measuring the spiritual growth of the children in our ministry.

Thanksgiving Craft for Kids: God’s Good and Perfect Gifts

A Thanksgiving craft for children’s ministry teaches appreciation and thankfulness. Grow gratitude with this Bible-based kidmin activity!

Christmas Message for Youth: Change the Lives of Preteens

If the Christmas message is familiar to your preteen students, try these ideas to go deeper.

20 Keys To Keeping the Kids at Your Church Safe

Churches that want to reach families in today's culture must have a clear safety and security plan.  They must also have a way to keep Covid-19 from being spread at church.

Thanksgiving Activity: Wall of Thanks KidMin Outreach Idea

In this kidmin Thanksgiving activity, children give thanks as they point out what God does for us.

KidMin Leader: Discover the Most Important Skill You Need

For a kidmin leader, I believe the most important ability is raising up other children's ministry leaders.

God’s Eye Craft: Teach Children That God Always Watches Over Us

A God’s eye craft is a perennial favorite for kids. Did you know it also has biblical symbolism?

10 Things Every Preschooler Needs From Your Ministry

Here are 10 things that every preschooler needs from your children's ministry.

Fall Craft for Preschool: Make These Seasonal Sensory Boxes

Need a creative fall craft for preschool children? Then check out this neat autumn-themed sensory box.

Tauren Wells ‘Crazy About You’ Lyrics Labeled ‘Biblically in Error’ by...

Tauren Wells shared earlier this week that his from his song “Crazy About You” has been denied airplay from at least 13 Christian radio stations because radio programmers claim it is theologically incorrect.

Matt Chandler, Part 1: How the 2022 Controversy Has Impacted His...

Matt Chandler joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share how God has brought healing in his life and ministry following the controversy he walked through in 2022. 

Children's Ministry Leaders