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Spring Sunday School Crafts: 12 Ways to Celebrate God’s Creation

Spring Sunday school crafts are ideal for celebrating God's creation and new life. These 12 craft ideas let kids celebrate the new life happening all around them.

3 Ways to Prevent an Attitude of Entitlement in Your Kids

The culture around us has gradually shifted America’s mindset to believe that we all have our rights, including the “right” to have what we want,...

Sunday School Graduation: Celebrate This Important Milestone

A Sunday school graduation event is a great way to convey children's importance to God—and to the church. Children and youth are precious to God!

How To Choose a Curriculum: The Most Important Question No One Asks

As someone who has worked in the world of children’s ministry curriculum for the past couple of decades, my opinion is that although we tend to ask good questions, we are missing the most important question.

Gender Identity, Children, and the Gospel

With just a nominal scan of major headlines, one can observe that today’s child lives in a world where the issues of the day are no longer “out there,” but rather are pressing down with tremendous pressure.

Sermons to Encourage Mothers: 20 Mother’s Day Worship Resources

Need ideas for sermons to encourage mothers and women? Use these resources to share the Gospel with members and visitors!

Simple Changes To Shift From Good to Godly Parenting

Here are some mental and practical adjustments you can start implementing today to make the difference between good and godly parenting in your home.

Object Lesson on the Resurrection: 7 Ways to Teach Kids About Easter

An object lesson is always a hit for Sunday school. When you're teaching children about Easter and Jesus' resurrection, use one of these 7 memorable object lessons.

Awesome Easter: A Free Children‘s Ministry Lesson for Sunday School

Ready for an awesome Easter? Need fresh ideas to teach children about Jesus' resurrection? Then check out this free Sunday school lesson!

Gospel Emojis: Use These Symbols to Tell Kids About Easter

Gospel emojis are an innovative way to share the good news. Use these symbols to tell children in your church and community about Jesus' resurrection on Easter.

Negative Effects of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: An Overview

Although there are several negative effects of grandparents raising grandchildren, your church and children's ministry can offer help. Read about the challenges of this family arrangement and consider how you can make it a bit easier.

Children’s Worship: Try This To Get Kids Involved

Do you struggle with getting children to engage during worship time? You are not alone. Don't get discouraged in the quest to see kids worship with a heart of gratitude and adoration for our Savior.  

Easter Object Lesson for Children’s Church: Slime Stories for Kids

An Easter object lesson for children's church that involves slime is sure to be a hit. Use the gooey stuff to teach kids about Jesus' death and resurrection!

Easter Crafts Proclaim the Good News that Jesus Is Risen

Need creative Easter crafts for your Sunday school classes? These keepsake rocks remind kids that Jesus rose from the dead on Easter morning.

How To Lead Volunteers Who Are Older Than You

You can effectively lead volunteers who are older than you. Here are a few things I have learned over the years about leading when you are young.

Easter Skits for Church: 10 Free Creative Plays for Children

Do you need Easter skits for church and children's ministry? For kid-friendly, Bible-themed drama ideas, check out these 10 free resources.

Why We Should All Work in the Church Nursery

The church nursery always seems to be a touchy subject, but I'd like to offer my two cents: We should all work in the nursery. And it's not an obligation...it's a joy.

Family Fun Ideas for Easter: 5 Activities for Parents to Lead

Family fun ideas for Easter help parents and children celebrate Jesus' resurrection. These 5 parent-led activities work well as family devotions.

Church Problems: 12 Ways Churches Are Failing Kids

While some of these things can and do contribute to the demise of a child's faith, the church must also look in the mirror and see that we are a big part of the problem. We are failing kids in many areas and it becomes glaringly apparent as they grow older.

Easter Object Lesson for Kids: Forgiven and Brand New

An Easter object lesson is a great way to teach children about Jesus' resurrection. This demonstration will be a hit with Sunday school kids.

Josh Butler Addresses Criticisms of His TGC Article About ‘God’s Vision...

Josh Butler, who was at the center of an online tempest earlier this month because of an article he wrote for The Gospel Coalition, appeared on Preston Sprinkle’s Theology in the Raw podcast Monday to explain what he was trying to communicate in his article and to address the pushback against it.

Sean Nemecek on the ‘Long, Slow Slide’ Into Burnout and How...

Sean Nemecek joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to discuss the warning signs that church leaders are burning out, how they can become healthy again, and the steps they can take to avoid burnout in the first place.

Children's Ministry Leaders